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    the happiness and sadness of people buying a house

    buying a house for most of the people is a once in a lifetime decision, which means people decide to do so only after coming across the ideal house.surprisingly, eight in every 10 home buyers are unhappy with their houses.

    a survey conducted by the beijing consumers' association (bca) recently shows about 80 percent of the 2,315 respondents in 23 residential complexes of beijing are dissatisfied with the soaring house prices.

    they think the reasonable price in beijing should be between 3,000 yuan and 7,000 yuan per square meter.the quality of the buildings, the surrounding environment and traffic and property management are the other factors that play a role in people's decision to buy a house.

    the bca has suggested strict sales regulations and contracts to ease house-owners' sufferings.it has urged the authorities to impose severe punishment on developers found violating building and other rules and joining hands with others to bid up property prices.